Your Career Success
Is Our Business

~ Henry Hartman

Whether through our career coaching or business and placement services,
KAD Dental can help you find the place where preparation meets opportunity.

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Our Services

Career Coaching

Employment Contact and Compensation Counsel*

Job Placement

Existing Practice Purchase Counsel

Personal Budgeting

Start-Up Practice Counsel

Associate Dentists

Associate dentists are in a unique position to practice dentistry while not
attending to the responsibility of practice ownership. As such, they have
access to a host of opportunities unique to the practice owner. These
opportunities, however, come with the need to evaluate and prepare to
take advantage of the plethora of choices available to the
associate dentist.

Whether preparing for practice ownership, seeking the perfect
long-term associateship or something in between, KAD Dental’s career
coaching, consulting and job placement services bring tremendous
value to the associate dentist. We want to learn more about you.

Dental Students

The dental school experience is one of the most important seasons of the
dentist’s career. During dental school, many dentists find that they would like to
build on their clinical education by learning more about the business of
dentistry as well as the opportunities that await them upon graduation. KAD
Dental offers career coaching, dental business training, personal budget
training and job placement opportunities for the dental student.

Whether you are a first-year student or one who is rounding out your last
year of school or residency, KAD Dental wants to learn more about you. It is
never too early or late in your dental school journey to reach out and
begin building your career as a dentist.



    * Services delivered in collaboration with The Kendall Law Firm. Legal and Real Estate services outside of Texas will be delivered in collaboration with your attorney or real estate agent.