Marketing Services

Your brand serves to identify your company within the marketplace. A well-designed and managed brand differentiates your business from the competition and creates value that goes well beyond your organization’s products or services.

Brand Strategy & Development

KAD can help you establish a full suite of branding materials and data for growing your practice.   We couple our graphics team and internet team to strategize for your optimal growth plan.  We invest time in placing resources in areas we target specific toward practice visuals and focused to driving traffic to your site.  Any advertising budget either large or small should make room for branding and help ensure your practice develops a presence in the local marketplace.

Visual Branding & Design

KAD Dental is an expert in the marketplace for visual enhancement of our clients.   We take great pride in assessing the local elements of trade in the geography of your practice location and find a blend with your taste as the owner.  We help you bring to life your creative ideas with our branding team.  No dream or idea is too big or too small for our creative edge to make a dramatic impact on your practice.

Logo Creation

KAD Graphics will completely design and makeup a new logo for your business or re-design an existing logo for your practice.  We will provide multiple options for approval.  You will then get various versions to be used on multiple platforms to help bolster your brand.


The face of your practice will be the visual impact signage of your facility.  We will help with design and our team will create a package of signage unique to your practice.

Website Design and Maintenance

KAD will present a full package plan and help create a fully functioning website that allows multiple levels of integration.  In today’s marketplace having a web presence that impacts your patients is crucial.   We will design your site 100% to your practice style and makeup.  We want your site to be a clear representation of your message of patient care.

Marketing Plan Design

KAD offers exceptional marketing products for your dental practice.  You can entrust KAD to help launch your brand into your market with excellence and effectiveness.   We can assist you with the creation and implementation of all the necessary tools to manage your marketing effort promoting your practice.  Our design and graphics team can help create a robust package of materials and precise usage plan to ensure you practice is both visible in the marketplace but functional.   Allowing patients and guests to interact with your marketing ensures the next level of consumer buy-in.

Marketing Plan Audits

At KAD we will do a complete audit of your current marketing plan and gauge its effectiveness within our system.   We will offer feedback and data points after assessment to help you understand your ROI in marketing.