Haylee N. Davis - Principal

Justin M. Kendall - Principal

“The numbers and career that many dentists seek organically follow solid business and clinical practices.
KAD Dental exists to ensure those business and clinical practices are available to every dentist.”

KAD Dental, a division of The KAD Group, is a consulting and dental business
services company unlike any other you have encountered. Founded and led
by a seasoned dental professional and a business transactional attorney and CPA,
KAD offers everything the dental professional or practice owner need from career
coaching to practice management consulting and more.

If you are weary of the dental consulting companies that present you
with cookie cutter paths seemingly delivering less than promised, you’ve come
to the right place. Our goal is to provide you with the services and core competencies
you need to guide your practice and dental career in a laser focused manner.
Each individual practice and practitioner are strategically evaluated by our team in
order to shed light on goals and needs that may have been lost in the weeds
previously. Our collaboration will result in customized services and plans which enable
the dentist to proceed forward – equipped, empowered and educated at the
highest level. Your success truly is our business.

Justin M. Kendall

Justin M. Kendall, Esq., CPA

Holding multiple degrees from Texas Tech University and a law degree from Regent University School of Law, Mr. Kendall’s career spans nearly two decades as a businessman, CPA and attorney. He has worked as a partner in several law firms as well as major accounting firms such as Dallas based PricewaterhouseCoopers. He brings a strong background in healthcare business law, tax and business to clients at both The KAD Group and KAD Dental.

Haylee Davis

Haylee N. Davis, MBA

Haylee Davis has seventeen years of experience serving clients in business service and marketing firms as well as dental practices. Mrs. Davis holds a Master of Business Administration, with an emphasis on management, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, both from Harding University. Her extensive experience in marketing, branding, general business consulting and healthcare practice management brings distinctive value to the clients of both The KAD Group and KAD Dental.


Our principals, Justin M. Kendall and Haylee N. Davis founded, KAD Dental,
a division of The KAD Group in response to a need they saw in their respective
markets, business law and dentistry. Over time KAD has grown to offer business
services to many industries, but the focus on healthcare remains, as does the
Kendall & Davis commitment to delivering superior service to KAD clients.


Jayme M.