Practice Services

Implementing strategic business, clinical, staffing and financial operations for your practice is critical to your success as a dental office. Many practice owners find themselves overwhelmed by the business of dentistry and, consequently, distracted from the practice of dentistry. The KAD Group exists to    make the business of dentistry seamless for your practice so that your team can focus on what matters most: providing excellent clinical care for your patients.

Recall System Management

KAD Dental business team training and program implementation are perfect add-ons for helping your practice reach and retain existing patients.   Having a concise and tangible plan to convey to patients at the time of current appointment is critical.   We can deploy both training and systems to help your business team coupled with you and your professional team communicate clear expectations to patients with each touch point in and out of the practice doors.  We believe following our systems will produce the industry highs of both patient retention and return.

Business Plans

At KAD we will assist you in creating your entire plan for your business.  We take your desires and goals and help project those into the future.  We help you maintain those by helping you design a step by step plan for the practice.

Capital Funding

Finding a financial package is one of the very first tasks in starting a new practice.  When you are an existing practice, making a financial backer change can seem like a monumental task that seems to keep finding its way to the back burner.  We can assist you with finding multiple options and opportunities that are the perfect fit for your practice.  Our legal team can help you navigate through all the terms and legal steps to secure the long-term future of your practice.  We will guide you safely and securely to the decision that makes your practice financially stable and profitable.


KAD Dental takes great pride in providing guidance and training in many areas; however, none greater than with your finances.  We believe a practice is at its optimal health when running within its projected budget.   Having a solid foundation with a budget allows and projects for future growth and expenses in addition to keeping a pulse on realistic everyday operational costs.  We can help you know where and when to invest your monies.   At times reinvestment back in the practice is paramount and other times personal investment will provide greater long- term value for both yourself and your team.  Let KAD become a guide in this part of your startup.

HR / Staffing

KAD Dental’s specialty from its inception has always been the ability to find and recruit highly skilled individuals who will thrive in a dental environment.  We believe many factors influence someone’s ability to work in the high pace environment of a dental practice.  We seek and find those individuals with a perfect set of skills which brings a high level of confidence and integrity to your practice.  Our staff training will help set up your practice for many years of team continuity.

Business Team

KAD Dental realizes the single most control a dentist must relinquish is to the business team.  A dentist simply cannot do all the clinical and all the functions of business.  We specialize and have many years of experience in all elements of business team growth, development and success.  We at KAD Dental can take on an advisory role with your business team and offer training both startup and on-going.  We also can take on the role of business team administrator.  We know the peace of mind we can bring to the practices that partner with KAD Dental and find this is one our greatest value-added roles within your practice.

Accounts Receivable

KAD Dental services can be an invaluable tool toward helping your practice stay on budget and with margins.   We know there are many moving parts to both incoming and out-going monies.  We specialize in training and program services that clearly offer guidelines for staff to follow and use on a daily base to grow and maintain projected income goals.  We can offer team expertise and training in this area that has proven results.

Practice Collection Services

KAD Dental can provide a full scope of practice collection services.  We will assist in both staff training on active collection standards and practices.  We also train all staff on best practices geared toward preventing future collections and helping guide patients in successful resolution of payments.

KAD Dental knows as a dentist it’s never your desire to withhold patient care due to collections.  We can help both your staff and patients subsequently with KAD Dental services.

Bookkeeping and AP Services

KAD Dental has a team dedicated toward your practice success.   We allow your time to be invested in patient care rather than digging through receipts and invoices.  We will help your income and expenses reconciliation become an effortless task.  Your oversight can be cut from hours to minutes allowing for greater patient time and family time.

Insurance Services

Once your practice is up and running, we have a team of experienced professionals trained specifically to capture the highest level of practice revenue.  Knowing patient status real-time with their insurance provider can become overwhelming.  We have proven methods that have been shown to be extremely effective and efficient at both ensuring the patient has an active policy but also the unique policy requirements in real-time.  We strive to allow the most up to data patient status be known the day of the patient appointment.