Staffing Services

Associate dentists are in a unique position to practice dentistry while not attending to the responsibility of practice ownership. As such, they have access to a host of opportunities unique to the practice owner. Opportunity, however, often comes with confusion as the associate faces too many great choices. They may wonder whether they should serve as a long-term associate, open their own dental practice or purchase an existing practice. The field of dentistry generally encourages practice ownership, but to be sure, practice ownership is not for every dentist. For the associate who wishes to remain a long-term associate, it may be difficult to find the “right” practice where the dentist’s skills and contributions are properly rewarded. KAD Dental offers career coaching and job placement for the associate dentist navigating these decisions.

Staff Training

Much like your professional staff, your business team will require a significant amount of care and coordination to ensure your practice success.   Letting KAD Dental prepare your team will again allow you to focus on your patients and do what you enjoy, the art of dentistry.   We can make you team shine with excellence.  We have decades of experience at bring all levels of staff up to their highest abilities.

Continued Education

KAD Dental has many business team C.E. courses that can be implement by your practice staff.  We offer both in-practice training and occasionally off-site training when requested.  We will combine our many years of experience and couple them with the latest trends and offerings to present a robust package for your team’s development.  We also offer specific training on an individual basis to assist team members with growth opportunities in practice management.

Professional Staffing

We know growing your professional team is one of the most difficult tasks in running a successful practice.  Knowing when to add other professional staff and how to compensate them are critical steps in your practice growth and health.  We focus on helping you choose the right staff and use all our tools to properly present the highest level professionals to your practice.  We make a great effort to establish a relationship with both you as the owner and anyone we submit for hiring to ensure they are a quality fit who will find success as both a professional worker and co-worker to existing staff.

Business Team Staffing

Once your practice is set on a location you will need to begin forming a solid team.  Letting KAD Dental help with this task from your practice inception will help secure a solid foundation in the early months.   We can help you find and train all levels of business team staff.  Finding experienced agents is crucial to both patient retention as well as maximizing your brand.  You will place significant monies into opening your practice.  Finding the right team is a KAD specialty.

Systems Training

At KAD Dental, we know you, as the dentist, have a solid idea of how you want your business run and want a powerful say in the development of your business team and professional team.  We take pride and place strategic effort in crafting systems training that is unique to your practice.  This allows your team to grow together under your leadership.  We offer our expertise coupled with your goals to provide training and support to all staff.  You will be proud of your team’s growth following this training.