Start Up Practice Services

Opening a new dental practice can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. KAD Dental puts the new practice dream into focus by walking doctors through the entire process of opening a new dental practice from finding a location to coordinating with lenders, vendors and construction companies through implementing all your practice’s business and operational structures. If you are considering a new dental practice, KAD Dental is here to help you navigate every detail from inception to opening day.

Demographic Research

At KAD we take all aspects of finding a perfect location for a startup into account.  We offer a robust package of data to you and your team to help with decisions early on in your process.  Our research will help guide you in many areas and help you feel confident you are making a solid choice for your future.  We can help you know what your estimated success rates will be down to the street you choose.  KAD can help you find out what large employers in the area will promote business growth from day one.  Many items and data points comprise the package we can submit to assist you with your decisions.

Building or Suite Purchase Negotiations

When starting up any dental practice, location can be one of the beginning foundations for success in your practice.  We at KAD draw from decades of experience in property research and dental build-out.  We strive to bring the full scope of a timely practice launch and longevity for many years of success for each practice we work with.  While every real estate transaction is complicated, we draw from an entire team with many years of experience in such negotiations.

Lease Negotiations

Finding a location perfect for your practice startup is a crucial step.  The next step is ensuring the lease is amicable and beneficial to your practice’s success. KAD Dental can walk with you through all the steps of that process.  Making a wise and informed choice of a properly constructed lease agreement can be challenging.  Let us help you by drawing from our many years of experience and negotiations.  All negotiations with KAD include a full review by our legal team.

Vendor Selection Assistance

In the field of dentistry, like many others, you almost always have options for any given service or supply need.  We at KAD can help you navigate through the various offerings these companies will present you.   We can both help negotiate these contracts with suppliers but administrate those as well.  You can allow us to service your vendors with our Vendor Management Program.  This is one more way that KAD can bring confidence and peace of mind to your practice.

Lender Selections Assistance

KAD Dental has extensive experience in contract negotiations.   We have a legal team that will invest in your business and help you seek lenders for your practice that have your success as their goal.  We at KAD take pride in helping each dentist be confident in every financial decision regarding the present and future.  Our team has the ability to leverage relationships with financial institutions driving your overall success.

Practice and Personal Budgets

KAD Dental takes great pride in providing guidance and training in many areas; however, none greater than with your finances.  We believe a practice is at its optimal health when running within its projected budget.   Having a solid foundation with a budget allows and projects for future growth and expenses in addition to keeping a pulse on realistic everyday operational costs.  We can help you know where and when to invest your monies.   At times reinvestment back in the practice is paramount and other times personal investment will provide greater long- term value for both yourself and your team.  Let KAD become a guide in this part of your startup.

Business Plan Design

At KAD we will assist you in creating your entire plan for your business.  We take your desires and goals and help project those into the future.  We help you maintain those by helping you design a step by step plan for the practice.

Business Training

Your success as a startup dentist will rely heavily on your business team.  They are the front line and finish line face of your practice.  Having a well-trained and high educated business team is crucial.   At KAD we have many years of experience in every aspect of the Business of Dentistry.  We can completely facilitate your team growth, training, and continued education in both management and advisory roles.  We have team member role plans with high level opt in opportunities for advancement in your practice.  Loyalty to you as the dentist will ensure they provide the best level of care to your patients.

Business System Design and Setup

At KAD we have many years of experience in every aspect of the Business of Dentistry.  We can create a unique plan and action items for your team to follow.  Having clear expectations, goals and duties allows each business team member to keep a narrow focus while providing the highest level of patient care.  Also, we build into your plan cross training and advancement opportunities within the practice to maintain consistency.   We offer a robust consultation package on all business system needs and services.  We can recommend vendor and suppliers for all professional services.