Accounting Services

KAD Dental services can be an invaluable tool toward helping your practice stay on budget and with margins.   We know there are many moving parts to both incoming and out-going monies.  We specialize in training and program services that clearly offer guidelines for staff to follow and use on a daily base to grow and maintain projected income goals.  We can offer team expertise and training in this area that has proven results.

Practice Collection Services

KAD Dental can provide a full scope of practice collection services.  We will assist in both staff training on active collection standards and practices.  We also train all staff on best practices geared toward preventing future collections and helping guide patients in successful resolution of payments.

KAD Dental knows as a dentist it’s never your desire to withhold patient care due to collections.  We can help both your staff and patients subsequently with KAD Dental services.

Bookkeeping and AP Services

KAD Dental has a team dedicated toward your practice success.   We allow your time to be invested in patient care rather than digging through receipts and invoices.  We will help your income and expenses reconciliation become an effortless task.  Your oversight can be cut from hours to minutes allowing for greater patient time and family time.